Our company VÚTS became a member of the CZECH BATTERY CLUSTER in November and we immediately participated in the CZECH-FINNISH BATTERY DAYS, which took place this week in Finland under the auspices of our Finnish Embassy in the cities of Vassa and Helsinki.

During meetings and B2B meetings with Finnish companies we had the opportunity to establish new contacts and partnerships. Our successful promotion has been significantly helped by our participation in the ongoing HORIZON project AMPS - Automated Mass Production of SOC (Solid Oxide Cells), where VUTS is the investigator of the digital twin for the production of SOC storage tanks and the Finnish companies Elcogen OY and Dosetec are also involved in the project and the Finnish research centre VTT is the project coordinator.

We thank the battery cluster and the embassy for the excellent organisation and look forward to working with other Finnish entities. Keep your fingers crossed!