Board of Directors of VÚTS, a.s., Svárovská 619, Liberec XI-Růžodol I, 460 01 Liberec

convenes, pursuant to Article 11 of the Articles of Association of the company and in accordance with the wording of the Commercial Corporations Act No. 90/2012 Coll,


which will be held on Monday, 15 January 2024 at 9.00 a.m.

in the meeting room of VÚTS, a.s.,

Svárovská 619, Liberec XI-Růžodol I, 460 01 Liberec


1. Opening and procedural matters

2. Proposal for reconstruction of the Board of Directors - election of Bc. Petr Žižka, MBA

3. Proposal for reconstruction of the Supervisory Board - election of a new member Ing. Jaromír Fick, Ph.D.

4. Approval of the provision of collateral in the form of a pledge

5. Approval of:

Reconstruction of the Board of Directors,
reconstruction of the Supervisory Board,
the granting of security in the form of a pledge.


A shareholder who, on the date of the General Meeting, is the owner of the Company's shares and who presents the Company's certificated shares or proves their ownership by a written declaration of custody or deposit of certificated shares from the person who has custody or deposit of the Company's certificated shares for him/her, shall be entitled to participate in the General Meeting, vote at the Meeting, request explanations at the Meeting and make proposals.

A shareholder may participate in person if he is a legal person through his statutory body or by proxy on the basis of a written power of attorney. The signature of the represented shareholder or his statutory body on the power of attorney must be officially certified. A shareholder who is a legal person or its representative shall also be obliged to submit an extract from the Commercial Register. Each CZK 1,000 of the nominal value of a share represents one vote. Participation in the General Meeting is at the shareholder's expense. Presentation of participants from 8.30 a.m.