atc 60-150 mc60

AUTOMATIC tool change

The chain magazine is designed for 60 heavy tools. The automatic tool changer provides a complete solution to the typical horizontal machine tool. It consists of a tool magazine, a manipulator and a non-tilting manipulator track. We also offer individual customized solutions including ATC control.


main benefits

  • Advanced solution thanks to servo motors


  • Compact design + easy adjustment


  • For heavy tools


  • Easy replacement of spare parts


  • Tool presence monitoring


  • Ability to control the speed and flow of all movements


  • No hydraulic lines - clean operation




  • servomotors and pneu
  • tool tray
  • manipulator travel
  • hand rotation
  • hand extension
  • hand jaws

machine specifications

ISO 60, DIN 69871, chain link for clamping end caps:
DIN 60 - DIN-69872, MAS BT50-JIS AND 6339
Max. tool weight: 60 kg
Average tool weight: 40 kg
Max. tool knocking torque: 150 Nm
Max. tool diameter with full magazine: 190 mm
Max. tool diameter (without adjacent tool): 420 mm
Max. tool length: 750 mm
Chain pitch: 200 mm
Air intake: min. 6 bar