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In terms of engineering applications of the drives for the working elements of mechanisms the term electronic cam means such a servomotor use (as a performing power member) that makes an alternative to the drives that are possible combinations of cam-joint mechanisms driven by traditional asynchronous motors.

To apply electronic cams and thus to select an alternative of an electronic drive of the working member is mainly possible at the machinery of the processing industry (textile, printing, glass, machining, forming, packing etc.) and at the elements of flexible and fixed automation of production systems (manipulation machinery and mechanisms such as revolving and indexing tables, stepwise mechanisms, etc.). Therefore the issues in applying electronic cams in this area are closely connected with the application of classical cam mechanisms. In principle, this is the same issue as to provide for an optimal way of driving the working element of the mechanism. The major advantage of electronic cam applications consists in the parameterization and re-programmability of motion functions, respectively stroke dependences.

Electronic cam components (servomotors, controllers) from the company Yaskawa (Japan) belong to the world’s top. They implement motion functions with the high dynamics and with excellent position accuracy.


In connection with the application of electronic cams Yaskawa VUTS will provide you with:

  • Consultancy in the applications of electronic cams (assessment of costs, computation of kinematic and kinetic-static analysis and synthesis, assessment of versatile variants for the solutions of electronic mechanism kinematic chain, etc.)
  • Kinetic-static dimensioning of the electronic cam for the given application
  • Proposal and optimization of the stroke dependence in the given application
  • Solution of flexible automation by the proposal of revolving tables and stepwise mechanisms
  • System integration of electronic cam in an arbitrary master system
  • Minimizing the residual oscillation during the rest intervals of the electronic cam where the rest interval is a technological production time interval
  • Design with the documentation and manufacture of the electro-cabinet also for multi-axial systems with several electronic cams
  • Communication with the user through the touch screen Weintek

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