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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre


The apparatus is determined for the processing and assessment of signals from the sensors of warp and yarn tensile strengths. The apparatus enables to connect two sensors at the same time, it is easy to connect to the common PC by means of USB interface and it is supplied including the assessment software. The apparatus makes it possible to select five basic measuring modes:

  • Measuring the non-periodical courses of tensile strengths depending on time
  • Measuring the periodical courses of tensile strengths in the course of one or two periods
  • Displaying the time dependence of non-periodical tensile strengths represented by a mean value, mean value +/- standard deviation, maximum and minimum – displaying the change of tensile strengths depending on the setting of machine parameters
  • Displaying the change in tensile strengths depending on the setting of machine parameters
  • Calculating the statistics of the optional number of machine periods

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