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Washing line

It is a single-purpose washing machine for washing and degreasing machined parts made of aluminum alloy. The washing line is divided into 3 sections.

  • The first section is for robotic insertion and removal of parts.
  • The second section is designed for pressure air blowing / drying.
  • The third section is intended for the washing technology itself.


Purpose of the equipment:
The washing machine is used to wash, remove all mechanical impurities and degrease the specific AUDI part. The washing process is carried out by the high pressure of the washing liquid. The pressure bars have integrated washing nozzles designed according to the shape of the workpiece.

The clean parts are then ready for automatic leak detection stations.

Brief characteristics of the solution
Pressure air max. 6 bar.
Washing fluid pressure 8 bar.
Washroom and drying chamber compartment in stainless steel.
Dimensions of the washer approx. 1000x1000x2500 (width x height x length).
Control system from the FANUC robot.
CE + declaration of conformity.


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