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Tool for Creation of Stroke Dependences and Analysis of Residual Vibrations

KINz2.1 - DYN is a software tool for the design and analysis of behaviour of stroke dependences in classical and electronic cams. This software links up to the software tool KINz2 and expands its capacity by the analysis of model behaviour with one mass, elasticity and damping. The model is implemented in the form of dynamically linked libraries (DLL), which enables its further expandability. The model immediately responses to the changes in the shape of stroke dependence and you can also use it for the analysis of residual vibrations in the resting area of stroke dependence. The tool is focused on the quick return and easy to modify stroke dependences. Further it enables to export data into the file in the form specified by the user, or directly into the programme KINy2KV (a tool for the synthesis of radial stepwise twin-cams). The tool is in the form of window application on the platform of Net Framework 3.5.

  • Approximately 60 analytically specified functions (some of them offering further parametrization)
  • Implementation of modifications according to the German standard VDI2143
  • High variability of output data forms
  • Easy to put together and modify complex stroke dependences
  • Possibility of direct cooperation with the software tool KINy2KV (a tool for the synthesis of radial stepwise cams)

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