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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre


MAIN ACTIVITY is the development of jet (pneumatic and hydraulic) weaving looms determined namely for weaving of technical fabrics. Dominant machines are then the looms for the production of leno fabrics performing on the proper patented principle developed by us.


  • The employees of the R&D Department – Weaving (VVO – TKA) ensure to the customers (owners of our weaving looms) the installations of machines, consultancy, service and other services connected with the operation of machines.
  • Another activity carried out in the testing room of weaving are textile – technological tests oriented on the weaving workability of various types of textile materials. This activity is carried out either for our internal purposes, or for our potential customers.
  • To a limited extent we also manufacture, within external cooperation on various projects, fabric samples for the developmental and experimental purposes.
  • As theoretical works are concerned we deal with the construction of mathematical and physical models describing individual processes of the fabric creation. Further we carry out the computations in the area of applied mechanics with the orientation on the weaving loom mechanisms.

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