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Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre

Testing of mechanical properties of materials

We carry out experimental research, development, testing and consultancy in the field of increasing reliability, reducing the material costs of structures and components exposed to static and dynamic stress under various conditions.



Offered mainly in the field of testing of polymer, metal, composite and textile materials. We test semi-finished products, final products and atypical samples by agreement. Determination of basic mechanical and brittle characteristics according to ČSN and international norms at normal, reduced (-70 ° C) and high temperatures up to 350 ° C in the air-conditioning chamber. Detection of low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue properties of materials under normal conditions, interaction of fatigue and creep, investigation of damaging mechanisms.



We use the Instron 3369 Universal Testing Instrument for this measurement

This instrument can measure mechanical properties - mostly tensile, pressure and bending, both materials and whole products. In the destructive tests, we obtain a complete description of the elastic and plastic behavior of the test material. We document the origin and method of crack propagation. Based on the fatigue fracture, we can determine the way of loading, toughness, the magnitude of the stress, etc. The data are processed by SW Bluehill 3. The output is a measurement protocol with the relevant photo-documentation about the course of the test. The measured data can be processed into a FEM simulation. Simulation is performed using Siemens NX 11 software and Nastran solver. Another possible approach is the design of optimization of a given product or semi-product. We create our own material database that we use for FEM simulations.



We use the Instron Electropuls E3000 Universal Testing Unit for this measurement.
The device allows testing of the material in resistance, fatigue, very fast and slow fatigue tests, fracture toughness in tensile, pressure, etc. This instrument can measure the mechanical properties of various materials and whole products. Data is processed using SW WaveMatrix.

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