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Technology Transfer Centre VÚTS Liberec


Project name according to MS2014+: Technology Transfer Centre VÚTS Liberec
Project registration number according to MS2014+: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_014/0000642
Priority axis: 2 – Development of higher education institutions and human resources for research and development
Investment priority: 1 – Improving the quality and efficiency and access to tertiary and equivalent education, especially in the case of disadvantaged groups in order to increase participation and the level of achieved education


Basic information about the project

  • Start date of the project: 1st April 2017
  • Start date of physical implementation of the project: 1st April 2017
  • Total duration of the project: 36 months
  • Date of physical completion of the project: 31st March 2020


Abstract of the project

The project focuses on streamlining and improving the process of commercialization and transfer of R & D outputs and results into practice. In this research organization, it will be set up a centre of technology transfer and ensured its staffing with experienced workers including their professional growth. Managing and organizational standards will be developed and processes for effective transfer implementation will be set up. Activities related to the promotion of the centre and its own technological scouting will be operatively carried out.


Goal of the project

  • Creating the technology transfer centre in VÚTS and its integration into the organizational structure;
  • Staffing of the centre (current and newly recruited staff);
  • Professional development of the centre staff (education and skills upgrading);
  • Securing the material and technical conditions for an effective transfer of technology (acquisition of necessary equipment);
  • Institutionalization of the technology transfer system at the level of our organization (creation and revision of managing documents and directives);
  • Development of active communication and cooperation of technology transfer managers with research and development staff;
  • Stimulating R & D personnel to an active and responsible approach when creating and in particular searching for potential for market application of R & D results;
  • Development of links with the application and industrial spheres;
  • Eliminating the negative aspects and barriers to cooperation and communication on the part of companies;
  • Developing links with similarly focused centres.


„This project is co-funded by the EU.“


Soubory ke stažení

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