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Taiwan-Czech development project of weawing machine for 3D textiles started

VÚTS succeeded with its project "Research and development of the industrial production technology for distance fabrics with large variable distances on air jet weaving machine”  in 2nd Public tender program support applied research and experimental development agency DELTA“ announced by  TAČR.  In cooperation with Taiwanese partner Taiwan Textile Research Institute will VÚTS  develop the prototype of a new and unique jet loom DIFA for the production of distance fabrics made from high - strength polyester filament yarn, with continuously variable distances from 100 to 500 mm with reed wide up to 1800mm 1800 mm in the years 2016 - 2018.

Industrially produced 3D fabrics find application as a basis for a variety of inflatable parts used by production of boats, rescue mole, rescue systems, evacuation cells and sporting equipment.

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