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Synthesis of Radial Stepwise Cams


KINy2KV is a software tool for the synthesis of radial stepwise cams. On the basis of inserted stroke dependence and dimension parameters of the mechanism specified by the user this tool makes it possible to carry out the computation of cam profiles for the step gearbox. It also enables an automated process for designing lightweight profiles. You can easily monitor how different dimension variables and parameters of relieving influence the cam contour and other important characteristics, such as angle of pressure, radius of curvature, etc. The tool is in the form of window application on the platform of Net Framework 3.5.

  • Synthesis of stepwise cams from symmetrical and unsymmetrical stroke dependence
  • Possibility of setting the unsymmetrical initial rotation of rollers in the resting phase
  • Implementation of cam profile relief
  • Graphical display of important kinematic and dynamic parameters of mechanism and their online change when dimension parameters are being changed


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