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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre

Special-Purpose Machinery Made to Order

The machine for pressing on expansion rings – the machine is determined for pushing the metal expansion rings on tubes. The operator inserts manually five tubes into the machine and 5 metal expansion rings on the rammer mandrels. After starting the machine with a two-hand switch all five tubes are clamped at once and the metal expansion rings will be pushed onto the brake tubes.

The equipment is used for the expansion of plastic tube ends. The system fixes the tube after being inserted manually into the machine and tube’s front is heated to the required temperature. Subsequently the operation of its expansion is carried out by means of a relevant tool. After finishing all operations the tube is released and it is possible to take it out of the machine.

The assembly table is used for a semi-automatic assembly of plastic endings into the rubber tube. After manual setting all components, the system will evaluate the presence of these components and make the subsequent automatic assembly possible. In case the required components are missing it reports the cause why the operation of pressing on cannot be implemented.

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