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Application and implementation
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Device for detailed analysis of roving structural characteristics



  • Continuous measurement of roving instantaneous cohesive force for a selected elongation
  • The elongation ratio is set electronically by change of feeding and drafting rollers circumferential speeds
  • Loading zone length is adjustable
  • Highly sensitive tension force sensor for dynamic measurement is placed between the feeding and drafting rollers
  • The roving cohesive force variation indicates fibre unevenness/failures of roving


Analysis examples:

  • Direct analysis of measured data, CPB spectra, CVL curves for analysis of periodical/non-periodical unevenness of roving cohesive force
  • Statistical evaluation of roving cohesive force, statistical trends, comparison with other measured quantities (for example implementation of line camera – monitoring of the roving diameter, fibres lay-out etc.)
  • Multi-experiments – sets of experiments with various parameters and conditions
  • Measured and evaluated results can be exported for other analysis in various software (text files, Excel, FlexPro ...)



  • Laboratory and production classification of roving qualitative parameters
  • Yarn quality prediction


Measurement example:

  • Indirect analysis of roving fibre structure unevenness by way of  cohesive force measurement
  • Roving sample of was connected in a closed loop
  • Measurement of roving cohesive force variation during eight passes of the measured sample through the drafting zone
  • Number of fibres in cross section is lower for each passing, but typical shape of cohesive force curve is preserved. The cohesive force variation corresponds to instantaneous internal structure of the roving

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