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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre


Our qualified applications engineers in the LAC – Laser Application Centre will develop and test the solution ready to go to production, i.e. target oriented and qualified – from the proposal of geometry for processing and laser specification to the preparation of design and ensuring the quality.

You will obtain a reliable and professional assistance in developing new procedures and techniques for laser welding, laser cutting, laser hardening, laser drilling and laser structuring.

LAC is equipped with modern laser CNC stations of our own design, as well as laser sources of different manufacturers, optics, system peripheries and testing apparatuses and devices, including functional tests and tolerance analysis, as well as metallographic testing and hardness testing. On the basis of detailed reports and first samples you may decide whether the results obtained meet your requirements.

  • Development of processes and technologies for laser welding, laser cutting, laser hardening, laser drilling and laser structuring
  • Analysis of physical processes under intensive heat sources effects on materials
  • Measurements of optical, mechanical and heat properties of materials being processed
  • Cooperation with industrial partners in the field of development, production, sales and service of laser industrial application  including their implementation
  • Cooperation with manufacturers of lasers, optics and peripheries – IPG Photonics, Laserline, Trumph, Rofin, Precitec, Highyag, GTV.

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