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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre


The basic equipment for recording, monitoring and analysis of very fast processes is high-speed cameras Olympus i-SPEED (models i-SPEED 3 and i-SPEED FS) with the resolution 1280x1024  and the recording speed up to 1 000 000 shots/sec.

Extensive technical accessories enable to implement a number of special applications in both the laboratory conditions, as well as the process of production directly at the customer.



  • Analysis of material deformations (shock and drop tests, crash tests).
  • Diagnostics of defects on production equipment
  • Ballistic tests
  • Industrial endoscopy
  • High-speed microscopy
  • Visualization of flow
  • Synchronous scanning by two cameras (for example, simultaneous monitoring of 2 different places of the machine mechanism, object scanning from different angles)
  • Special measurement (high speed camera can be synchronized with multi-channel measuring electrical and physical quantities)



  • High-speed camera i-SPEED 3 (colour, max. 150 000 shots/sec)
  • High speed camera i-SPEED FS (monochromatic, max. 1 000 000 shots/sec)
  • Set of lenses, telephoto lens
  • Laser illumination Cavitar
  • Light sources (daylight), halogen illumination
  • Set of borescopes, fiberscope
  • Control software with the analysis of recording (monitoring the trajectories up to 64 points in the picture)
  • Communication with LabVIEW

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