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How is VÚTS involved in the fight against coronavirus? Here, it is another up-to-date info about our activities.

We lent a thermo-camera to Česká Lípa Hospital to measure the temperature of incoming patients.

10 pieces of protective face shields were handed over to the town of Frýdlant, which we constructed from parts printed on our 3D printers. 

However, the most important thing VÚTS is currently working on is:

Finishing the manufacture of the AC spinner for cluster NANOPROGRESS, z.s., on which it will be possible to prepare textiles with a nanofiber layer, usable for making protective inserts into textile face masks with very high filtration efficiency.

VÚTS is a member of the cluster NANOPROGRESS, z.s. In the long term, it has been involved in the development of technologies for the production of nanofibrous materials as part of the cluster's activities and transforms the knowledge of the cluster members into an industrially usable form. Therefore, we participate in the continuation of the development of already developed laboratory technologies, especially in their enlargement and modifications so that they can be used for the industrial production of nanofibrous materials.

Currently, we are also finishing the production of cutting tools and other serial molds for respirators for P A R D A M, s.r.o. These respirators with the highest efficiency are produced by pressing from nanofibrous fabrics. It is assumed that it will be possible to produce and test the first respirator prototypes in a very short time and then start their large-scale production at P A R D A M, s.r.o.

We will continue to inform you about the development of these and other activities at VÚTS, with which we try to help with the solution in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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