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Our company has been cooperating very closely with the glass company LASVIT, based in Nový Bor, for a long time.

For LASVIT, we primarily deal with the development and construction of kinetic lighting installations, which can be seen all over the world.

The latest magnificent installation takes the form of a giant pendulum, which measures 16 meters and is equipped with hundreds of crystals.

The pendulum, bearing the name ART THERAPY, is located at Burjeel Medical City Hospital in the United Arab Emirates. The name itself suggests that in addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is also an unusual therapeutic agent. Thanks to the technology in which VÚTS participated, it is possible to draw patterns into the sand with this giant pendulum.

The pendulum is powered by three motors and the whole installation is controlled by a system that was specially developed for this purpose in cooperation with VÚTS.

Watch the video and read the whole article that was published in Hospodářské noviny on January 18, 2021:


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