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NEW PROTOTYPE - KB-LEP1 glue applicator

The device serves for the serial application of Loctite SI 5699 GR sealing compound to several variants of bodies and one variant of the "plug". The workplace has two working positions, the sealing compound is applied on one of them, and at the same time, the handling of the components takes place on the other position. Initiation of glue application occurs only in the case of an operator's instruction. The device is connected to a S5 master control system that sends information about the type selection to the device and at the same time, it sends process status information to it.

The device consists of three technological units:

  • Handling compartment with rotary table - this is a base plate mounted on the Weiss rotary table and the machine frame. On the plate, two nests of jigs for inserting bodies and the plug are disposed. The rotary table allows two positions of the base plate, the one is in the workspace with the robot and the other in the operator's handling space. The proper setting of the body and the plug onto the jigs is controlled by laser sensors in both positions.
  • Workspace with robot - this is a covered area in which the ABB KR16 robot applies material to the body and plug.
  • BK Technik dosing system – it is a device for pumping and applying a highly viscous, one-component adhesive. The adhesive is pumped from a 23-liter barrel through a piston pump, which feeds material through a PTFE head into a toothed piston servomotor-controlled dispenser and then into the application gun that is carried by the robot.


The device is designed for applying to:

1. Plug - the same for all types

2. Radial body

3. Axial body - Right side

4. Axial body - Left side

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