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Miniature yarn tensile forces sensors

The sensor is determined for the static and dynamic measurements of tensile strengths of individual yarns. It is characterized by small dimensions, wide measuring range and high dynamic parameters for the most exacting and demanding measurements. It is possible to use three interchangeable head adapters of the yarn guiding – one with close ceramic fingers and two with open ceramic fingers for easy threading the thread being measured.

The miniature sensor of the yarn tensile strengths is supplied with the range of 0 – 300 cN or 0 – 1000 cN. The advantage of this sensor consists in its optimal proportion between the sensibility and the proper frequency of the deformation measuring little beam. The patented design of the sensor enables to reach high dynamic parameters. The thread finger is made of a thin-walled sapphire tube; deformations of measuring little beams are sensed by high quality semiconductor strain gauges. The sensor is equipped with the compensation of temperature and the compensation of thread sapphire finger heating due to the friction of the passing thread.

The sensor of warp tensile strengths

The sensor is determined for the measurement and analysis of tensile strengths, but it is also applicable as a sensor for the control of warp regulator, or for the measurement of tensile strengths of the sets of threads in warping machines.

The sensor is designed as dual-range. The required range is selected by the way of guiding the warp threads into the sensor. The sensor is supplied either in the double-sided, or single-sided version. The basic ranges of the double-sided sensor are 150 N and 300 N, and in the single-sided sensor 100 N and 200 N.

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