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Miling machine of 3D Rotyry Screens FVP-600 CNC

The machine concept comes from the gantry arrangement that is suitable for the extension by an automatic tool exchange and the machine integration into an automated workplace equipped with a manipulator.

The machine is conceptually designed for 3D rotary work-pieces (for example, screens in the woodworking industry). The variability of the machine modular concept and our own CNC control system on the YASKAWA platform make it possible, in addition to using standard production methods (CAD model -> CAM system – G-code), to create specific production methods.

A milling spindle that the machine is equipped with is possible to substitute with another technological device for the surface hardening, material cutting, possibly welding. The openness of the control system allows for connecting up to 256 drives, of which 16 are possible to linearly interpolate at the same time.

The advantage consists in the possibility of sequence control of other supporting mechatronic systems that thus need not be equipped with their own PLC devices for controlling simple tasks, which allows for the full integration of, for example, manipulators.

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