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  • Increasing the dynamics of electronic cams on the basis of interventions in the regulatory structure of the electronic cam, resp. servomotor.  Issue of eliminating interfering residual oscillation due to submissive members in the electronic cam mechanism.
  • New concepts and implementation of the control systems for electronic cams on the basis of selected hardware platform. The ways of implementing the motion function of the servomotor shaft with the maximum dynamics. Implementation of communication of the electronic cam with other subsystems of the production machine, electronic cam integration and the way of communication to the master control system.
  • Implementation of new mechatronic ways of driving the working elements, proposal, design and manufacture of mechatronic driving system prototypes in the parallel and serial combinations of traditional and electronic mechanisms





Mechatronic systems are becoming more common in the area of drives and implementation of working element motions in mechanisms and machines. The research in this area is focused on the application of so-called electronic cam, which are servo-drives controlled by a master controller. The system of electronic cam is capable to flexibly respond to the change of stroke dependences of working elements of the production process (flexible automation) and collaborate within its own or master control system with any peripheries, including the communication with the user. The system of electronic cam is suitable either for the complex solution of working motions of entire machines, or for the substitution of particular traditional mechanisms since the electronic cam integration (system integration) into the machine or a superior production system is easy.

VUTS has been dealing in computations and manufacture of traditional cams for more than 30 years. The expansion of research and applications on the electronic cam is a logical continuation with the use of all knowledge and experience in this important area of engineering mechanics.


  • Optimization of stroke dependencies according to various criteria
  • Dimensioning of  servo-mechanisms in the modes of machine operation
  • Dynamic modelling and simulation of applications
  • Solving of flexible automation by designing the rotary tables and stepwise mechanisms
  • Control systems of single-purpose machinery and equipment with electronic cams (including control systems of single-purpose machine-tools)
  • System integration of electronic cam in any master system
  • Suppression of residual oscillations in rest intervals of electronic cam where a rest interval is a technological operation time period
  • Synergic mechatronic solutions of applications (combination of traditional and electronic cams)
  • Consultancy in the applications of traditional and electronic cams (determination of costs, price comparison, evaluation of different options of solution with traditional and electronic cams, etc.)

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