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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre



  • Development of the theory of measurements, processing of data and depth analyses, above all, for the area of rotary machines for the complex analyses where it is not possible to use classical theories of discrete signals processing
  • Development of methodology for measuring and analysing the machinery and equipment with high dynamics and accuracy (dynamic laboratory).
  • Measurements and reduction of noise and vibrations, technical diagnostics for the construction of silent machinery and equipment (hemi-anechoic and reverberation laboratories)
  • Creation of unified modular systems for the verification of mathematical models of machinery and equipment by means of measuring (verification of peripheral conditions and computational parameters of mathematical models, etc.)
  • Designs and implementation of special sensors and measuring devices and their components
  • Proposal of measuring methods and procedures focused on the textile products


  • Multi-channel MEASUREMENTS OF STATIC AND DYNAMIC PHYSICAL QUANTITIES (multi-axial measurements of acceleration and forces, torques, angular speeds, torsional oscillations, pressures, temperatures, etc. with the possibility of synchronous recording by means of video cameras and a thermo camera)
  • Recording of fast processes by means of  HIGH-SPEED CAMERA and high-speed thermo camera
  • Measuring of mechanical systems with controlled drives, including control signals and supplying electric motor drives with power
  • Measurements, analysis and reduction of NOISE AND VIBRATIONS
  • Verification of computational models and measurements of peripheral conditions for the computational models
  • Development of measurements, measuring methods and measuring software, sensors and measuring equipment


Measurements are carried out in specialized laboratories that are designed and constructed with regard to the needs of different types of measurements carried out. There are DYNAMIC and TEMPERATURE DYNAMIC laboratory for measuring mechanical and electrical quantities and implementation of tests and HEMI-ANECHOIC and REVERBERATION chambers for measuring and analysing noise and vibrations.

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