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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre

Measurement of Static and Dynamic Physical Quantities


  • Multi-channel electrical measurements of static and dynamic physical variables
  • Assessments and analyses of measured data with the application of scientific methods and procedures verified by many years of practice
  • Technical analysis of machinery and equipment, proposals on reaching higher parameters and quality
  • Research, development and implementation of top measurement methods, sensors, apparatuses and testing devices
  • Possibility of carrying out the measurements directly at the customer
  • Development of software for the measurement and analysis of the data measured


  • Extensive instrumental equipment for static and dynamic measurements of physical variables
  • Measuring analysers, measurement and assessing software
  • Means for verification of sensors and measuring chains
  • Complete equipment for measurement and analysis of noise and vibrations
  • High-speed camera
  • Thermo camera with cooled sensor
  • Laboratory premises for accurate measurements


  • Multi-channel measurements of acceleration, forces and strokes of the majority of mechanism types, analysis of measured coursed and their comparison with mathematical models
  • Measurements and analysis of mechanical and electrical quantities measured and evaluated as the function of the angle of rotation of driving element (shaft).
  • Multi-channel precise dynamic measurements of angles, angular speeds and acceleration of shafts and rocking mechanism members including starts and stops
  • Measurements and analysis of random variables with the application of statistical computational methods
  • Control of dynamic balancing the mechanisms by measuring and computations
  • Noise measurements – acoustic pressure, acoustic performance, acoustic intensity, mapping of noise fields, designs on the reduction of noise
  • Measurements and analysis of vibrations, designs on the reduction of vibrations, vibration insulation
  • Experimental modal analysis and measurements of operational deflection shapes
  • Measurements of forces, torques and performances
  • Measurements of cutting forces and momentums during machining
  • Measurements of electrical and mechanical variables on the systems with controlled servo-drives
  • Measurement and analysis of pressures and flows of gases and liquids
  • Measurement of temperatures and temperature fields with a high resolution and dynamics
  • Recording of fast processes by a high-speed camera
  • Design, construction, manufacture and testing of strain gauges for tensile and compressive forces, bending and torsional momentums



  • Dimensions 12 × 18 m
  • Steel clamping grates with 2D grooves
  • Crane runway with two crane heads (2 × 5 ton)
    Supply of technological media, venting of combustion gases
  • System of controlled electro-dynamic vibration exciters (up to 7 000 N).
  • Conditioning chamber with a vertical vibration exciter (-70 °C /+180 °C).
  • Laboratory breaker up to 30 kN with accessories and temperature chamber (-70 °C / +350 °C).
  • Laboratory breaking device for dynamic / static testing up to 3 kN / 2,1 kN with temperature chamber (-70 °C / +350 °C).
  • Dynamometers for load testing with the performance 3, 10 a 50 kW functioning either as a brake, or a motor


  • Dimensions 12 × 12 m
  • Controlled temperature from +5 °C to +40 °C
  • For the machinery weighing up to 40 ton and power supply 50 kW
  • Steel clamping grates with 2D grooves
  • Thermo camera with on-line data transfer
  • Laboratory set for temperature measurements


  • Internal dimensions 12 × 8.5 × 5.5 m
  • Measurements of acoustic pressure levels from 20 dB(A)


  • Volume 224 m3
  • In conformity with ISO 354

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