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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre

Measurement Machinery for textile Plants

VUTS implements the design and manufacture of unique devices and instruments for measuring selected parameters in the textile plants (spinning mills, weaving mills, ready-made clothing – industrial sewing machines and other facilities), including the development of measuring methods:

  • Sensors for precise dynamic measurements of the tensile strength in threads and warps
  • Measuring analyser WAWEON for measuring the tensile strength of threads and warps
  • Strain gauge TRUMPET METER TRM-01 for measuring the linear density of sliver in carding machines
  • Strain gauge TORQUE METER TOM-01 for measuring the linear density of mat/fleece in carding machines
  • Laboratory device ContElon for continual measuring and analysis of yarn elongation
  • Laboratory device RoteCon I for continual measuring and analysing the cohesive forces of roving with the possibility of synchronous video recording and analysing the surface roving fibres
  • Research and development of measuring methods and procedures, implementation of measuring instruments and devices

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