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Machine for mounting silent blocks into shock absorbers

The machine is intended for mounting silent blocks into shock absorbers of road vehicles. Because the range of sizes and versions of shock absorbers is wide, the machine is designed in such a way so that it is possible to easily and quickly change the configuration of the machine for various types of shock absorbers and silent blocks. In particular, it includes:

  • Adjustable speed of the buffing mandrel – the optimum speed of the mandrel is dependent on the size and geometry of the silent block.
  • Easily interchangeable tools – a board with tools, interchangeable using quick clamps, is available for every pair of shock absorber – silent block in the machine accessories
  • Easily adjustable stroke of a pneumatic cylinder of the clamping fixture
  • Variable clamping force attained by changing the leverage ratio of the clamping mechanism
  • Any other adjustments on request

As a whole, due to its robust design, the machine is characterized with its long life, reliability and high productivity. To the machine, as a standard, it is supplied an accompanying documentation, containing instructions for operation and maintenance, security risk assessment of the operator, safety assessment in terms of electric shock and declaration of conformity of the machine in compliance with the applicable directives and standards.


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