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Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre

Laser Application Centre -LAC

Laser Application Centre is focused on the field of research and development of laser technologies in engineering, namely on the development of theoretical and practical knowledge about the possibilities of applying the laser in machining and heat treatment, above all, of metallic materials. The centre ensures the implementation of research and development works that are oriented on the development of technological possibilities of the given principle, subsequent design and construction of special machinery and equipment for specific applications. Outputs of research and development solutions, as well as designing works are subsequently applied in creating optimal technological procedures, designs, manufacture and supply of machines for target customers.



  • Search for application possibilities and solutions of specific problems of customers in connection to the technology of laser machining, welding and heat treatment in both the technological phase and in the phase of machinery equipment and service
  • Development of theoretical, as well as practical knowledge about the possibilities of laser application in machining and heat treatment of, above all, metallic materials
  • Preparedness and amenities for testing and verifying new possibilities of laser application in the production technologies of processing industry
  • Raising of funds for the centre operation and development through the application of R&D results in the industry
  • Short-term R&D contracts
  • Designs and solutions of problems for industrial entities in the form of short-term single contracts


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