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Handy rotating injection molding station

The device is designed to manually rotate the injection molds. The station is designed for horizontal handling of molds up to 15,000 kg.

The design of the rotary station is constructed as a low plate table with a worktop rotatably mounted on a large-diameter circular turn with external gearing.

The station is made for these handling options: manual rotation of the station with mechanical stops or the station will be rotated by a hand wheel with a gear mechanism.

  • Manual handling of the rotatable station will be conditioned by the use of a mechanical pin stop, which prevents unwanted rotation of the station due to inertial forces.
  • Manipulation of the rotary station by means of a hand wheel will be realized via a gear mechanism including a circular turn with external gearing - a pinion - a worm gear - a hand wheel for manual rotation of the table. According to the required parameters, about 64 turns will be required to rotate the mold by 90 ° by the hand wheel.


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