We are proud of our long history of innovation and research. In today's article in Hospodářské noviny, we look back at our roots, which go back 73 years, when VÚTS was founded.

From the invention of the first jet loom to dozens of patents and revolutionary technologies that today shape paddleboards from 3D spacer fabrics to composite electric aircraft wings, our journey has not always been easy, but it has always been full of determination and passion. We are the largest independent base for engineering research and development in the country and we are always looking for new challenges.

We have changed the industry landscape with our unique technologies and in the words of our CEO, we start where others end.

Thank you for your interest and support, which has led us to prestigious awards such as the Czech Head 2020 Award and R&D 100 Awards. Read more in our story of courage, perseverance and the constant search for innovation.

You can read the article in Hospodářské noviny HERE.

You can download the entire special supplement of Hospodářské noviny, FUTURE OF ENGINEERING, HERE.