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The apparatus DMU 4 is determined to measuring the instantaneous angular velocity, acceleration and the angle. The apparatus is characterized by a high accuracy and resolution. It was designed with regard to the resistance against the interference in the industrial surroundings. The apparatus is two/four-channel with the possibility of differential measurement.

The apparatus can be used, for example, for measuring the torsional oscillations, measurements made on gear boxes, measurements of machine starts and stops, measurement of the pendulum motions, or for inspecting the machines equipped with incremental sensors. The apparatus is supplied in two versions:

  • An independent version connectable to PC via USB/LPT port enabling the connection of 2 incremental sensors
  • PCI board to be fitted into a common PC offers the integration into the software LabVIEW, Excel, DEWESoft, FlexPro. It is possible to connect up to 4 incremental sensors.

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