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Dimensioning of Electrical Drives for Production Machines

This programme solves drive dimensioning of three-axis system of production machine. The system of NC axes is based on two axes with a sliding movement (V, Z) and one axis with a rotary movement (C). Interpolating axes are rotary C and sliding V, while axis C is drifted by axis V. Axis Z is a drawing near axis with a defined stroke dependence that is independent on the contour of the cam being machine. Original information for dimensioning of drives is a contour of work-piece and plenty of designing and technological parameters, such as spindle torque, tool diameter, sliding over the work-piece surface, etc. Conceptually, there are considered mechanisms with a constant gear between the working movement of axes and a servomotor. Gearboxes and ball-screws are concerned. Then the result is desired parameters of servomotors for particular axes. They are driving momentums (maximal, effective) and revolutions (maximal). The positional deviation that is the result of gear mechanism plasticity is also assessed.

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