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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre



  • Development of modern methods of design, development and construction of machinery and equipment, namely, the methods and procedures of parallel design of machinery and equipment.
  • Implementation of analyses and conceptual designs of machinery and equipment so that in terms of all requirements on the given machine or equipment there is created the optimal concept variant meeting all the required criteria (performance, noise, energy consumption, etc.)
  • Development of sophisticated methods of the pre-production analysis - CAD parametric methods of the design.
  • Virtual simulations – creation of complex mechatronic systems of production machinery so that it would be possible to virtually simulate the machine as the whole


We focus on the research and development of single-purpose machinery. These activities comprise a conceptual design, creation of 3D model of the machine and subsequently the preparation of drawing documentation.

The main tool is the design CAD system SolidWorks. Our department disposes of a large team of specialists and R&D researchers that are experienced in particular areas and provide a broad background for the effective operation of the department. The most important and stable area of activities is the development of peripheries to the machine-tools. As an example we provide:


We specialize in the manufacture of single/special-purpose machinery and equipment for the automotive industry. Above all, it is the manufacture of equipment for machining the brake and air-conditioner pipes, leak testing of fuel tubes, and the assembly fixtures for the tube bundles with checking that all the tubes and incoming parts are not missing.

  • Further we deal in the development and manufacture of precise checking gauges and development of devices for the data control and collection. The device uses a laser profilemeter by which the actual data are collected on the products being measured, and subsequently they are compared and evaluated with the required data according to the CAD model.
  • Other our activities are, for example, the development of peripheries for the offset printing machines.

In all cases the department provides a complex solution of the given issue from the conceptual design, through the production documentation to the actual functional tests of the equipment, and the subsequent service at the customer.

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