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Application and implementation
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Device for Detailed Analysis of Structural Quality of the Yarns



  • Continual measurement of instant relative elongationof small parts of the yarn under constant load
  • Results are achieved by precise and dynamic measurementof tension force in yarn and angular velocities


Possible analysis:

  • CPB, CVL for analysis of unevenness and periodicity of relative elongation (mechanical / structural property) of the yarns
  • Statistics, comparison with other measurements
  • Statistical trends
  • Direct analysis of measured data
  • Multi-yarn experiments – sets of experiments with different yarns and measurement conditions
  • Yarn diameter (its projection in 1 dimension) is measured and can be analysed together with relative elongation as an additional quantity
  • Export of both measured and calculated results to different formats (text file, Excel, FlexPro…) for further analysis in third-party SW



  • Reverse analysis of the technological system in order to locate possible causes of the high deviations of yarn relative elongation
  • Analysis of the defects in the mechanical structure of the yarn package
  • Identification of textile fabric appereance defects, prediction of the impact on the textile fabric like streakiness etc.
  • Simulation of the mechanical properties during warping, weaving, knitting...
  • Much more detailed view on the monitored deformation properties and on the technological context (rotor, air-jet yarns...)
  • And probably many others...

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