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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre



  • Analysis and optimization of components and assemblies by FEM
  • Creation of database of materials with non-linear behaviour (plastics, fibre composites, etc.) on the basis of the experiments carried out
  • Assigning the physical material model to the given materials from the created database
  • Substituting metal components of the machines with ecologically and economically favourable composite components
  • Simulation and optimization of mechanisms leading to the reduction of the adverse dynamic effects and to increasing the working speed and productivity
  • Verification of mathematical models of the machinery on the basis of experimental- computational methods (measurements on the real component/machine)
  • Development of numerical simulations of general flow fields (speed, temperature, etc.)






Modern numerical simulations enable to make the process of designing the machine parts and units more effective. Optimization of mechanisms, simulation of their behaviour, possibly other up-to-date procedures lead to the gradual reduction of energy demands of machines, reduction of environmental loads and increase of their productivity.


Professional activities of the department Computations and Modelling are focused on solving research and development tasks and projects in the area of the mechanics of solids in the following fields:

  • Research in the area of computations and mathematical modelling of physical processes
  • Analysis, optimization and development of designs by the method of finite elements (FEM)
  • Assessment of deformations, stiffness and stress of machine components and units
  • Static issues
  • Dynamic issues – natural frequency and shapes, excited oscillations
  • Non-linear tasks, i.e. models of materials with a non-linear behaviour at mechanical stressing and their verification on the basis of the experiments carried out, contact tasks, large deformations
  • Simulations and optimizations of mechanisms
  • Evaluation of reactions and dynamic effects
  • Research of new materials
  • Modelling and experimental research of composite materials
  • Substitution of metal components of the machines with ecologically and economically favourable composite components
  • In order to solve these tasks the department is equipped with the following software:



Mathematical modelling of physical processes in the area of liquid mechanics enables to inspect the problem itself, especially, in the cases where it is not technically possible to carry out measurements, or the manufacture of a prototype would be too expensive. At the same time it enables to effectively understand the issue and makes the subsequent process of a new equipment design easier. Currently the simulations of flow reach a high level of being closer to the real process and they have a close relationship to the applications in the technical practice.


Other activities of the department Computations and Modelling are oriented on solving the research and development tasks and projects in the area of liquid mechanics with the application of numerical simulations of flow:

  • Numerical simulations of complex flow fields
  • Computations of compressible viscous flow
  • Laminar and turbulent flow in a large range of speeds
  • Mathematical simulations of flow with the heat transfer and processes of burning
  • Multi-phase liquid flow and solid fraction drifting by flow
  • Numerical simulations of permeability of composite layers
  • Development and optimization of design solutions in terms of liquid impacts
  • Computations of force effects of gases and liquids and their interaction with the surroundings
  • The solutions of tasks are implemented on the latest computer systems by means of the software Ansys Fluent®

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