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Our company VUTS a.s. participated traditionally in the form of our own booth this time with an exhibit of Automatic Tool Exchange for Horizontal Machine Tools ATC4-60; it is an automatic tool exchange of middle series 4 for the tools weighing 40 kg that is equipped with a tilting mechanism for the exchange in both the horizontal, as well as vertical axes, and the mechanism of transversal ejection for the exchange in a greater distance from the machine stand in the International Engineering Trade Fair MSV Brno that was held on 29.9.-3.10 2014.

In the course of the trade fair MSV 2014 the director general of VUTS, a.s. Prof. Ing. Miroslav Václavík, CSc received two prestigious awards.

At the assembly of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SP ČR) that is always held on the first day of Brno Fair the director general of VUTS, a.s. Prof. Václavík was inducted into the Gallery of Industry Personalities. Prof. Václavík received this significant award from the hands of the President of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic Mr. Jaroslav Hanák attended by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Mr. Bohuslav Sobotka.

During the official opening ceremony of MSV 2014 then Prof. Miroslav Václavík received another prestigious award - GOLD MEDAL for the lifelong creative technical work and innovative activity.

This award is granted since 2006 when the editors of engineering monthly magazine “MM Průmyslové spectrum” came up with the idea to systematically reward those experts who during their professional life have substantially merited about the development in technical field in which they were or still are engaged.

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