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Automatic Transfer Line FLEXI

The machine is determined for the formation of plastic tubes and their fitting with an end adapter. The device is adapted for processing plastic tubes with diameter of 8 mm. The length of machined tubes is from 600 up to 3000 mm. The accuracy of plastic tubes production is in the degree of accuracy IT14. The machine cycle time is set at 5 seconds.

The machine ATL performs individual technological operations that are divided into following working groups:

  1. Input Device
  2. Levelling and Cutting
  3. Tube Expansion
  4. Inserting of Tube End Fitting on the Left Side
  5. Insertion of Tube End Fitting on the Right Side + Crimping
  6. Inspection
  7. Output Device

The machine operator inserts respective tubes into the machine by means of the input device (magazine) equipped with a singling out device. The whole cycle of forming is automated and after completing all relevant operations the tube comes out of the machine at the machine output where the operator takes it out.


Here you can find the demonstration of Automatic Transfer Line

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