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Display Unit for Weft or Warp Sensors

The pocket unit ATLAS F-11, powered by 9V rechargeable battery, is designed for one channel measurement with weft or warp sensor produced by VUTS, a.s. The unit is suitable for measurement of slowly variable forces (e.g. warping, tape sizing etc.), display shows measured value three times per second. There are also modes for catching lowest or highest value of measured force.

The ATLAS unit is supplied in handy suitcase together with AC adapter, connecting cables, CD with calibration software and manual. There are only three buttons for all the unit control.
Sensor overload sign and battery voltage level are shown on display. It is possible to light on the display in bad light conditions. Unit can operate with fully charged battery more than 22 hours.
Calibration software designed for Windows XP/Vista/7 is very simple to use and intuitive.

For measuring of dynamic forces (eg. weaving) the two channel unit Waweon with force curves visualization in PC is recommended. Both units can use the same sensors.

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