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Air-jet Weaving machine COMBINE

Air-jet Weaving machine COMBINE delivers the further performance increase in the area of leno fabric weaving, but simultaneously also increases the versatility and adaptability of the machine in terms of capability to produce fabrics with the combination of the plain weave and leno weave, or only a plain weave utilizing exclusively the means without healds to control warp threads.

The essence of the new solution of COMBINE is the machine drive not only with a traditional electromotor that is driving the unit of brake and clutch, but the drive created by a system of individual, electronically controlled drives of weaving mechanisms performing in the modes of "electronic cam" with a variable angle speed. To use an analogy with CNC machine-tools, it is a system with five axes - battening, first shedding, second shedding, spiked roll and alternatively the pump of hydraulic picking.

In order to reach a significant power consumption reduction in two COMBINE energy-most demanding mechanisms – shedding and battening, it is used the principle of "recuperation" of kinetic energy of both mechanisms, as well as the strain energy of composite springs.



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