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Air-jet Weaving machine CAM EL

  • Air-jet Weaving machine CAM EL with a pneumatic picking system and a special shedding mechanism
  • Air-jet Weaving machine CAM EL with a pneumatic picking system, special shedding mechanism and two warp beams


Air-jet Weaving machine CAM EL are determined for the production of fabrics in a leno weave with performance up to 600 picks per minute. The machine concept is the result of a completely new view on the process of fabric creation – a view in terms of energy consumption. Air-jet Weaving machine become a dynamic system with a flexible element capable to accumulate and release energy. Consequently, also classical mechanisms of Air-jet Weaving machine are changed – strokes are diminishing, as well as the weight of components, mechanical complexity and wearing out of components are decreasing, composite materials are used for the structure of exposed parts.

An original principle of "electronic cam" enables to programme the angle speed of the main motor shaft during the weaving cycle, and thus to reach the required angle for the weft insertion.

From the textile point of view it is a novelty to use a system of leno weave creation without healds. As already mentioned, this system makes it possible to reach not only the more than twice the performance of the machine, but also with the increased fabric quality.




Machine drive

  • Individual synchronous servomotors with an electronic control of angular speed in the mode of electronic cam
  • Automatic stopping in exact positions
  • Without brakes, clutch and change-gear unit


Weft picking

  • Metering devices ROJ Super Elf G2 HD 3 mm
  • Automatic braking system (ABS) of weft
  • Tandem nozzles
  • Main nozzles
  • Electronic weft cutting L, with diamond blades
  • Profiled reed
  • Relay nozzles
  • Stretch nozzle
  • Opto-electric weft stop motion
  • Passive weft cutting R, or electronic weft cutting R, with diamond blades
  • Automatic air pressure control
  • Automatic timing of relay nozzles
  • Automatic filling reipair


Warp let-off motion

  • Electronic warp let-off motions
  • Diameter of bottom warp beam flanges 1000mm
  • Alternatively – upper warp beam with diameter of flanges 700mm


Back rest

  • Stationary back rest
  • Compensation of warp tension
  • Strain gauge sensor of warp tension


Warp stop motion

  • Double-row, electrical


Cloth take-up motion

  • Electronic cloth take-up motion


Shedding mechanism and beat-up

  • Direct drive by synchronous servomotor with electronic control
  • Composite heald shaft with eyes
  • Needle bar
  • Special beat-up mechanism
  • Composite profile of batten with energy recuperation


Machine control

  • Control of machine drives
  • Control of fabric weaving technology system
  • Control panel equipped with


LCD colour touch screen

  • Communication via Ethernet or RS 485
  • Prevention of weft barriness under all modes of machine running
  • Variable machine speed depending on weft flying range
  • Display of cause of machine stopping


Reed width

  • Nominal width 220 cm
  • Minimum width 170 cm
  • Minimum width – upon request – 140 cm


Range of yarns

  • Glass fibers 34 – 600 tex
  • PAD, PES, PP, Basalt, etc.


Warp sett

  • 10x2 – 40x2 / 10 cm


Number of colours in weft

  • Two colours


Flanges of warp beams

  • 1000 mm
  • 700 mm

- product specification CAM EL

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