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Weaving Loom VERA

  • Jet Weaving Loom VERA with a lateral shedding mechanism STAÜBLI 1651
  • Jet Weaving Loom VERA with an electronic rotary dobby STAÜBLI 2861


The weaving loom VERA is determined for weaving medium and medium-weight fabrics in the plain weave, twill and satin weaves with the performance up to 600 weft insertions per minute. On the loom there are applied several new and original solutions enabling the extension of the assortment of produced fabrics and improving loom’s mechanical properties. It results in the possibility of using the VERA loom for the production of fabrics being produced up till present only on mechanical looms, and thus to apply all the advantages of air-jet loom – higher performance, lower operating costs, lower consumption of spare parts and lower noise.

In terms of textiles it is namely the expansion of possibilities to weave weft materials on the air-jet looms in the range from 200 tex up to 600 tex according to the kind of material. The principle of electronic shaft to drive individual mechanisms is used on the machine. The loom can be equipped with an electronically controlled weft brake CWB.

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