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Weaving Loom CAMEL W

A water-jet weaving loom CAMEL W is a continuation of a trend that has been followed for a long time by the VUTS in designing new weaving looms – to offer the looms that are reaching the high performance and quality of woven goods through the low operating costs.

The consumption of electricity is a significant item in the production costs and its influence is going to grow with the ever increasing price of all kinds of energies. The loom CAMEL W originated by combining the original solution of the machine drive and  main shedding and battening mechanisms of the existing CAMEL type with an idea to substitute the energy demanding air weft insertion by inserting a weft by means of the water nozzle. The principle of weft insertion by means of the water beam is generally known to consume the least energy for inserting the individual weft length into the shed in comparison with all principles used for the weft insertion on the single-shed weaving looms.

The insertion of weft into the shed is carried out by the stream of water supplied by a piston pump into a nozzle. The piston motion is controlled by a cam whose stroking function together with the continuous change of the piston stroke, respectively the quantity of water, complies with the weft insertion in the wide range of machine r.p.m.


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