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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre


VUTS focuses on the research, development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the processing industry, above all, in the area of machining, textile, printing, food, packing and medical engineering. VUTS also deals in the automation, development, design and construction of special single-purpose machinery, manipulators, conveyors and testing equipment, especially, for the suppliers in the automotive industry. VUTS activities are characterized by offering a complex set of services from the research and development, design processing to the implementation of a complete technological unit. VUTS disposes of own production capacities to ensure the prototype and small series production of machine parts, machinery and equipment.

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Address: VÚTS, a.s. | Svárovská 619 | Liberec XI - Růžodol 1 | 460 01, Liberec XI | Czech Republic

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