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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre



Virtual and intuitive understanding of the complex fluid mechanics and thermodynamics and finding the improvement. Limits the costly design errors and speeds up the design process.

  • Viscous flow
  • Laminar to Turbulent flow
  • Heat transfer
  • Chemical reaction, burning processes
  • Multiphase flows
  • Fluid-Structure Interactions (dynamic meshes)
  • Add-on codes for specific advanced physics

Experimental determination of Boundary conditions

If general knowledge does not ensure proper and accurate setup of flow/thermal simulations.

  • Temperature and velocity flow fields, flow rates etc.
  • Body reactions to aerodynamics
  • Power/energy inputs/outputs


When the design needs to reach real top-level, partially not needing the full understanding the complex physics.

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Parametric studies and optimization
  • Robustness analysis
  • Dynamic meshes


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