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Aluminium Tubes Benders

For the needs of automotive industry we have designed and manufactured non-programmable and programmable benders.

Non-programmable benders are economic to use when identical tubes bending is carried out in large series. According to the customer’s specification a single-purpose bender is designed to perform only the defined bends. The size of bend angles is usually given by terminal switches and the range of possible stroke of pneumatic cylinders. The change in bend parameters is possible only to a limited extent. The advantage of non-programmable benders is a lower price, easy attendance and setting.

Programmable benders are equipped with position sensors and the bend size and bend plane are controlled by an electronic system. Pre-setting to different bend parameters is carried out by changing the control programme. The deployment of programmable benders is economic when different bends are performed on different tubes. A specific tube bender is designed on the basis of the data (for example, Cartesian coordinates of bending points) provided by the customer.

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