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Application and implementation
Center of Engineering Research & Develoment
Laser Application Centre


Application Centre of Laser Machining Equipment forms an independent economic centre of VUTS, a.s. In the research and development of new technologies of laser machining and surface treatment of materials the centre closely cooperates with the partners from the academic sphere, as well as with industrial entities.

In 2009-2011 VUTS, a.s. was working on the research and development of its own variable accurate laser machining machines supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with funding from the TIP grant programme.

During 2009-2012 VUTS, a.s. constructed new operational premises the part of which is also the Application Centre of Laser Machining Equipment.

The construction of centre was implemented with the assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation – Programme Potential Project No.: 4.2 PT02/173.

The centre is focused on the development of application possibilities of modern laser technologies in the engineering, especially, in the course of machining and heat treatment of metals, plastics, composites and other materials.

Address: VÚTS, a.s. | Svárovská 619 | Liberec XI - Růžodol 1 | 460 01, Liberec XI | Czech Republic

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